Peggy Sue is living proof that age is just a number.

Posted on July 23, 2016

After 14+ years together, Peggy Sue's family abandoned her at the city pound and never looked back. Coupled with her "super senior" status, Peggy Sue also needed medication for her hyperthyroidism. Needless to say the odds were NOT in her favor at the notoriously "high kill" city pound...and we refused to stand idly by as this loving cat was put on death row.

Left to the antiquated standards of the city pound, her life would have ended abruptly after more than 14 years with a family she thought would love her forever...At FFL, we reject those "standards." We believe that all senior animals like Peggy Sue deserve the chance to find happiness - to know the love of a family, to find peace in a quiet home, and to feel safe and cared for during their elderly years. 

So we rescued her, giving her a second chance at finding that perfect family. And after several months at the shelter, Peggy Sue met her soulmate. According to her adopter, Peggy Sue now "runs the roost" and gets along great with her other feline and canine companions!