Tarleton had every reason in the world to give up and quit - but he didn’t.

Posted on July 10, 2016

When we first met this little guy, he was completely stuck in a bucket of molten roof tar. It took a few moments to realize what we were dealing with. The tar was covering one whole side of his body and his legs were buried in it. It was going to be a slow, painstaking process to free him from this grave. Through it all he just stared up at us with big, wide blue eyes.

Freeing him led us to learn that he had a badly broken leg (so badly, in fact, that it had to be amputated) and a broken pelvis. His skin was also burned from the chemicals in the tar. Angry, fiery red patches came up on his feet and underside where the fur and skin had been burned away. Tarleton was never cross with us or fractious. It was like he understood from the beginning that we were working hard to help him. His grace through that kind of pain was breathtaking.

After surgery and months of recovery and rehabilitation, we're thrilled to shout it from the rooftops that this incredible little guy has found his forever home! 

According to his new parents, "We loved him the very first night :) He's a firecracker, that missing leg doesn't seem to slow him down at all!"