You’d never know Tony’s huge heart was filled with heartworms when he came to FFL.

Posted on July 18, 2016

Before he came to FFL, Tony (FKA Hart) was biding his time at a local high kill shelter, certain that as a heartworm+ dog, his fate was sealed the day he passed through the front doors. One by one, he watched all of his buddies take the long, lonely walk to the back-of-the-house, wondering when it would be his turn. Thankfully, that day never came...

We pulled Tony off death row and welcomed him into the FFL program with open arms. He began his heartworm treatment while at the shelter and was quickly adopted by a wonderful family. They helped him recover and regain his strength, and now Tony is healthy, happy and officially heartworm negative!

"We adopted Tony almost a year ago. He was heartworm positive but a perfect candidate for the Inmiticide treatment. He had his six-month follow-up post-heartworm treatment and received his first heartworm negative result since we adopted him (YAY!) I was hesitant to adopt a heartworm positive dog initially, because I knew treatment would be hard on him. We worked with our vet to keep his health monitored, and when he was able to run and play again, he was like a different dog. He now has a clean bill of health and is incredibly spoiled and loved. My husband John and I can't imagine our lives without Tony. Thank you once again for showing compassion to all of the animals at your rescue. They are lucky dogs (and cats!)."