Behind the Scenes

Your inside look at Friends For Life

Friends For Life saves animals who would not make it out of traditional shelters alive. Take a behind the scenes look at dramatic saves that you will not see anywhere else and grab a glimpse into the lives of the animals living at the shelter.  This page will be your your front row seat, your candid window into the lives of the FFL animals. 

One day, we'll find ourselves cutting a cat from a bucket of tar and the next we are bottle feeding tiny babies no bigger than the bottle from which they nurse. We have office cats who prowl around in costumes and supervise, and dogs who are delighted to learn to use the new giant dig box built just for them. From snuggle sessions among old friends in the cageless cat rooms, to meet & greets with new canine friends in the backyard, you'll see it all here. We go through 400 lbs of litter in a week, 90 cans of cat food and serve about 1200 meals a week. Our behavior team teaches old dogs new tricks and not to be outdone, the dogs teach us a few too! Adopters stop in and fall in love with animals that other shelters have long crossed off the "adoptable" list. 

So take a seat and dive in to see what happens when Every Animal Matters. Check back weekly for new updates!