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Watch Muffin's Video

There’s nothing like starting your morning with sunshine and a little Muffin! This senior girl arrived at the shelter with her companion Twinkles and had us charmed from the get-go. This amazingly soft, medium-haired senior girl has a fluffy laissez faire cattitude that will bring your stress levels down so low you’ll reach for the catnip yourself. Tough day at the office? You’re sure to get a homecoming, some following you around the house, and little chit chat, and then…(clunk) she’s back to sleep. 

A calm, gentle soul with a couple miles on the odometer, she just wants you to put your warm hand on her little shoulders and keep it there as long as you can. The face she wants to rise for everyday is yours. Muffin is a low-pressure, no-pressure gal who’s super relaxed and is looking for a home that’s the same. Come see this incredibly sweet girl today.