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Shauna was found in a vacated hotel room hiding in a paper bag. She was in rough shape when she first came in. Some masses needed to be removed and she was suffering from allergies. Luckily, after some TLC she now is in good health and on a special diet for her allergies. This girl is ready to live out her golden years with her purr-fect match!

A home that is calm and peaceful, that is what sweet Shauna is looking for. Plus at least one favorite human that she can smother with all her love and affection. You might as well call her Velcro, as this kitty cat will stick on you like that. If she decides you’re her favorite, you better prepare yourself to be followed always and everywhere. She’ll knock down doors like she’s a member of a kitty S.W.A.T. team, just to be with you. Just kidding… but leave the door of your room ajar and you can be sure Shauna will find you for some lap and pet time. In return for her affection, this love bug expects at least one petting session each day!

Shauna also likes to talk to you. But have no fear, at night the only meowing she does is in her dreams. But in the morning she will find you for some play time. You may see her dragging her favorite feather toy with her all over the place! Last but not least, Shauna is very welcoming to visitors and new people, she is extremely social.

Are you ready to be Shauna’s favorite human? Then come in and meet this big-hearted, cute faced kitty!