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Big napper alert! Berto is a friendly and relaxed cat that loves his naps. He is moderately social and loves to be near people. He prefers being around adults and is not a big fan of other cats. Berto is not very playful but you can try and persuade him with a laser pointer or a toy mouse. Your best chance is at the beginning of the day, as Berto is a bit of a morning cat. He likes to be petted on his face, cheeks and neck but the rest of his body is off limits until you get to know him better. He also doesn’t want you to pick him up. Berto is simply looking for someone who respects his independent soul. Don’t let this fool you into thinking that he does not want attention. He will let you know, fairly vocally, that he demands your time and affection. This unique, beautiful cat is a great companion. Please come and meet Berto today and be ready to fall in love!