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Trillian is a sweet affectionate girl with 3 legs. Don’t be fooled though, being a tripod does not mean she is a slow mover! It takes Trillian a little time to warm up to new acquaintances, but once she spends a little time with you, she will woo you with her cute, chirpy meow. She will sit close you and let you pet her down her back and tail to reward you for getting to know her. If you want a cat to hold, Trillian is not your girl.
Trillian has Feline Leukemia. What does that mean to her and her forever family? The only animal that Feline Leukemia affects is cats; the disease cannot be given to her humans, dogs or other animals. It will be fine with Trillian to be part of a one cat family. Grab a wand or a feather toy and entice her to play with you and she will have plenty of exercise.
Come and meet Trillian, let her check you out and may a special relationship begin.