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Mia was found as a stray when she came to Friends for Life. She is a calm, sweet, sort of chubby calico who likes to be held, get head and neck scratches and enjoys sitting next to you. Mia is not shy. If you sit on the floor, she comes to you and shows her affection by generously rubbing against you or sweetly giving you some head butts! Mia has been known to crawl into your lap and she is definitely good with petting from head to tail!
Mia is mostly a quiet, observant girl with other cats. Occasionally she will swat at a feline roommate, but usually her claws are not out. Also, she does not seem to hold a grudge! Sometimes you will see Mia stretching out using a scratching post. She prefers a post that has toys hanging down from it; she will bat the toys from time to time, but otherwise she is not a huge fan of toys or playing.
If you are looking for a loving, well mannered cat to chill with at home, Mia is your girl. She will ease up beside you and you will quickly want to invite her into your life. Start the process by completing an application and you will soon forget what your life was like before Mia was part of it. Do not wait because you are missing out on “the real deal”!