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You’d never know it from her friendly personality nowadays, but Priscilla was initially a fraidy cat found on the streets. Throughout her transition to being an indoor cat she wasn’t quite able to trust in the humans around her. That’s where the Friends For Life behavior department came into play. It’s been quite a journey for her at the shelter, but she’s gone from panicking and hiding when strangers came near, to accepting scratches from most everyone she meets!

Here are some of the reasons we think Priscilla could be your BFF:
* She’s got excellent house manners – she diligently uses the litterbox and keeps the scratching to her scratcher.
* Her absolutely favorite hobby is getting massaged and petted all over … She even enjoys belly rubs!
* She never stops purring, as long as she is getting your attention.
* When you come home, she’ll greet you with her adoring gaze and lots of joyous meows.

This stunning princess is waiting for an affectionate family to give all her love to. Once you meet Priscilla, you’ll see: she really is the very best friend you could ask for!