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Found in a parking garage storage room when he was just a few weeks old, Bowen since then has grown up to be the happiest kitty on the block. A playful and cuddly teenager now, he loves to be in good company. Humans, dogs, other cats or even the vet, Bowen doesn’t mind.

He loves to be petted and will give you unlimited cuddles back as a token of his kitty love. This cheerful chap knows how to have fun as well. He will be waiting for you to come home for some playtime. Feathers, balls, string toys or a tunnel… any toy will make Bowen happy! Curious as he is, he also likes to go out at night. But no need to be worried, he’s fine with keeping his adventures within the yard.

Thanks to his sweet, easy going nature, you will become Bowen’s new BFF - Best Feline Friend - in no time. Come and meet him today