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Kiwi came to Friends for Life with her siblings after being born without a home to go to. Kiwi is a "people person": she loves attention and confidently approaches everyone. This kitty is also sweet and nurturing; she was the big sister who looked after her smaller litter mates. But she also loves to have fun! She will explore every corner and play with balls, toy mice, cat wands, or anything enticing.

While she is happy to play by herself or with a human friend, she would love to have a fellow cat pal to hang out with. Then when she’s done with playtime, she will seek you out for some love and attention. She enjoys a warm lap and cuddling. Kiwi is even known to crawl under a shirt for some extra closeness! She is also perfectly skillful with using a litter box and scratching post. Come meet darling Kiwi for yourself! She (and you) will be sure to fall in love!