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This is Bob, a 2-year-old curious youngster looking for his forever home. Unlucky for him, he had to have a big chunk of tail removed because of an accident while living on the streets. Fortunately, he’s fully recovered, and one could say his adorable big ears make up big time for what he misses on his back.
Friendly Bob has lots of love to share. He likes being around people and also gets along with most other cats. Being petted and held are two of his favorite activities. He also loves a good play session in the evening. Catnip toys and balls really get him going! You can be sure he will cozy up your house, as Bob is happy to stay indoors. Exploring around the house he’ll find himself some adventure by jumping on countertops and such. That is, if you allow him… fortunately he’s still young and eager to learn!
Do you think you have the perfect home for this one-of-a-kind cat? And are you ready for some serious play and neverending purring? Then come in and meet Bob!