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Sonia had a rough start to life being rescued twice. Her first rescue was from a storage room where she was kenneled with a dozen other cats, possibly for her whole life. Her second rescue was when Friends for Life took her from a kill pet shelter where she was scheduled to be euthanized and she went into a foster home. Sonia began a new life while being fostered; she had some problem teeth removed, her pain was resolved and everything in her environment was a new experience for this resilient girl!
Sonia is a one-eyed cat, but that does not keep her from exploring, jumping and playing. She especially loves to investigate cabinets, countertops, tunnels and cat condos. Sonia’s favorite toys are interactive ones with feathers, ribbons or strings; she likes for you to play along WITH her. Cardboard scratchers are fun for her, too. Because Sonia is missing an eye, she can be a little awkward when she runs or plays, but it so rewarding to see her having so much fun! A litter box with a lid is encouraged since her depth perception is slightly impaired.
Sonia is still learning about trust and can be a bit timid from time to time. Quick movements and loud noises startle Sonia so a home with young children is not going to be very comfortable for her. If she is not rushed as she “takes in” new situations or is introduced to other cats, things will go well. She asks for short periods of petting and seems to enjoy people watching, sometimes with her cute pink tongue sticking slightly out of her mouth! Giving Sonia time, space and a slow approach will go far to build a long, beautiful and trusting relationship. Sonia has proven that she is more than ready to move to her forever home. Come and meet her; she may just hold the key to your heart!