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Hellooooo super nice purrson!! I’m Kirkpatrick a tuxedo clad fellow that is all dressed up to make my grand entrance into my new forever home. You said you are looking for a cat?? That’s amazing because I’m a cat!! Did you come here looking for me?? Well I have been looking for you!! I guess that means we are going to be the very best of friends FOREVER!!
Everything was going against me when the nice people at Friends for Life pulled me from a high kill shelter. I was FeLV+, had mange, ringworm and a yucky open wound where my fluffy tail used to be. In other words I was a hot mess. But being the eternal optimist I decided to make lemon sorbet when life tried to give me lemons. I will purr the moment I see you and do my best to reach out to get your attention. I have been told that I am one of the friendliest cats here with the most positive attitude you will ever see.
If there is room in your heart for a cat named Kirkpatrick, then it's just the right size for me. Everyone at FFL has been so wonderful, but I really want my own warm, breathing, can opening, treat dispensing, cat toy wielding, real, live human purrson to call my very own! I'm Kirkpatrick, and I would love it if you could fix this problem for me. Hugs and kisses - Kirkpatrick