Miss Kitty

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A kind human saved Miss Kitty when she was about 5 weeks old. She had just been thrown out of a moving pick-up truck window when she was rescued, and another kind human gave her a home. Her human now travels often and for extended periods and cannot give Miss Kitty the life she deserves.
Miss Kitty is a friendly, strong willed, high energy kitten who loves to play with anything that moves. She loves to explore her environment including countertops. She has been trying her hardest not to jump onto them, but she needs some more patient training so she can be successful in changing her behavior. If being on the countertop is not a problem for you, she will be so happy!
Miss Kitty is a quiet kitten and can be a rascal when left to roam freely unsupervised; she finds ways to entertain herself! For right now if you need to be away from home for an extended period, it’s best for her to be in a restricted play area. Her litterbox manners are impeccable, she enjoys having her ears, cheeks and spine scratched however she prefers that you approach her from behind when offering scratches or pets. Miss Kitty is a free spirit and does not enjoy being held closely.
Miss Kitty is looking for an adopter who will appreciate her abundant energy and have fun filled times watching her play and playing with her. Come and meet Miss Kitty and see how joyful this survivor is!