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My name is Rustin and I think I have a unique story. I was living in a feral colony when I was trapped, neutered and recovering from surgery before being released back into the colony. I was happy being away from the colony and when it was time for me to be fed I sat up and started up by best purr! When my foster saw me and heard the purring she was hooked and said, “You’re not going back, you’re staying with me.” It does not hurt that I am a very handsome kitty, too.

I like pets, being held like a baby, sitting in your lap and giving great hugs. Like most youngsters I am energetic and very playful. I am good with other cats, but I haven’t been introduced to dogs or children, yet. I make little chirping sounds when I hunt for my foster mom and she thinks they sound so cute. She says I am the sweetest boy in the world with excellent manners.

When you fill out your application ask to meet Rustin and I will purr my way into your heart. Sign up for a sleepover and soon you will not be able to remember what your life was like without me in it. I can’t wait to meet you.