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I’m Pandora; have you ever seen such a sweet face? I lived in a warehouse before I came to Friends for Life and I was not taken care of very well. My eyes were damaged, and I have limited sight. Because of this it takes a little while for me to get used to new places, but never fear, I still love to explore.

Sometimes I can be a little shy and might like to have some alone time, but I am a loving, well-behaved kitten. I enjoy being petted and from time to time will like being held. I take belly rubs and don’t even mind having my nails trimmed! If you have other cats, they will be my friends, but I would like proper introductions to them.

Come and meet me, Pandora, the kitten with the sweet face. My life has started over and a new forever home is the only thing that I want. I will make your day bright and you will be happy to have me as your companion.