Captain Cold

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My name is Captain Cold. I’m a young man with gorgeous blue eyes. I am a VERY playful and curious kitty. My favorite time to play is after I eat my breakfast, but you will see me exploring any time of the day and sometimes during the night. Don’t worry, I’m very quiet and won’t wake you up.

I like to climb into an empty lap from time to time, enjoy petting time and will let you hold me if you’re sitting down. I don’t like to be held when you’re standing up; it makes me a little scared. When new people come to my house I don’t scurry away; I walk up to them and am very friendly.

I know that all kitties are special, but I am especially special because I’m deaf. I do all the things that every other kitty does and I’m affectionate and even talk to you. If you want to have the most handsome kitty on the block, come and meet me, Captain Cold aka “Mr. Blue Eyes.” You will be glad you took the time to get to know me.