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One look at Reggie, with his lush tricolored coat and intense gaze, and you’ll be blown away! That’s because Reggie is the resident FFL hunk. But there’s so much more to this handsome fella than his drop dead gorgeous appearance – he’s got a personality to match!

Here are things about Reggie we know you’ll love:

1. He’s not just cute, he’s also an educated dog! Reggie knows many basic commands, including Sit, Stay, Down, Drop it, Touch, and Look.
2. He’s smart AND fun! Reggie can retrieve toys, placing them right at your feet.
3. He’s tidy! Reggie is well housetrained and can “hold it” while you’re at work.
4. He’s a great walking companion! He walks politely on leash and hardly ever pulls.
5. He doesn’t get carried away! Reggie loves to play, but he knows how to settle when his playmate does. He’s also calm and rather retiring at home.
6. He’s just a great big lap dog! The best medicine for when you’ve had one of ‘those days’ and just need someone to hug.
7. He loves to share! Reggie is absolutely comfortable with people approaching and touching him while he’s eating or playing with toys if you are already in the Reggie club!
8. Every relatable hero has an Achilles Heel, and for Reggie, it’s storms! When the heavens open up, he wants to seek shelter in your bed, preferably in your arms.

Reggie is a bit snooty when meeting new friends, but warms up quickly when given a proper introduction. Reggie’s quasi-exclusive demeanor has a way of making his friends feel extra special. Since it’s a bit particular about meeting people, apartment life would not be a good fit for this boy; too many strangers to encounter. Want to be President of the Reggie fan club? Fill out an application today!