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Stitch came to Friends For Life needing to find a family who’ll love him unconditionally and give him a life full of love!

Loves hard. Stitch is a lover and likes to show it endlessly. You will always find him close by where he leans into you and sleeps nearby. Besides loving being by your side, he loves being outside, playing with his soccer ball, swimming and lots of walks! Stitch enjoys meeting new people and prefers older children.

Genius! Stitch is not short of brains and likes to show it off with all that he knows. The long list of commands he’s mastered are “crate”, “home”, “sit”, “lay down”, “heel”, “your room”, “stay”, rolls over, and gives both paws. Though he’s familiar with a crate, he is rarely ever crated and may protest about being locked in one before settling down. Baths aren’t his favorite activity but he’ll put up with it. He enjoys car rides and does well in the car!

Awkward. Stitch hasn’t spent much time with dogs so he can be a bit scared of them and does not totally understand the body language. So slow introductions are best and a home without dogs is probably ideal. Stitch doesn’t seem to understand how to interact with other dogs and seems afraid of them so time with them is best when limited and slowly introduced.

Stitch is best with a family who enjoys being adored and spending as much time with each other as possible. Lots of exercise and older children would make life fulfilled. Surely you see your spirit animal in Stitch!