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Georgie is an adorable pup born to a stray mom. Georgie loves people and takes advantage of every opportunity to share the love with you! Georgie likes kids, dogs and cats. Georgie excels at affection and is ready to start training with you and start showing off everything you teach him! Georgie will be a fun addition to your active lifestyle, enjoying everything you do!

* Georgie is almost completely house trained!
* Georgie is very smart and curious – he’ll be easy to train.
* Georgie loves playing with her foster brother and sister.
* Georgie is happy and always eager to show you how much he loves you!
* Georgie loves running and playing in the yard.

Georgie is just starting to learn to walk on a leash and will enjoy going for walks and runs with you! He’ll love meeting your friends and family, as well as their dogs! Georgie is sure to like the dog park once he is old enough. While Georgie will appreciate going places and doing things with you, he’ll also like hanging out with you and simply being with you while you do chores or work on the computer! Georgie is looking forward to his new life with you!