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Found late one night by an HPD K9 officer, Ortiz is the cutest, sweetest puppy you’ll find! Ortiz is destined to be the puppy to grow up with you, daily displaying his love, loyalty and intelligence along with a fun, playful nature! Ortiz is ready to start learning his puppy skills and you are the perfect person to teach him, tailoring his training to fit with your lifestyle! Ortiz instinctively wants to please you, so in addition to the love he shares, he will do his best to make you happy and proud of him!

* Ortiz loves people and shares his affection with everyone!
* Ortiz likes other dogs and has the potential to live peacefully with cats!
* Ortiz is smart! He can learn as much as you can teach him!
* Ortiz will want to be with you and go everywhere you can take him!

Ortiz is prepared to give you the full power of his love and devotion! That is an awesome thing! What Ortiz needs from you is a loving home and the opportunity to learn everything he needs to be his absolute best! Ortiz thinks you’re up for a relationship with him! Please hurry!