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Harley is off to a bright future—with you! Harley needed help when his foster found him and now he’s ready to find his forever home with you! Harley is good-looking, off the charts affectionate, playful and just fun to be around! Harley likes other dogs and is interested in his foster’s cats even though they won’t play with him. Harley likes everyone he meets and is sure to like children! Harley is learning the puppy skills he needs and can’t wait to show you how wonderful he is!

Harley likes everyone! He loves to sit in your lap, cuddle and receive pets!
Harley likes his foster dog brother and gets along with the cats!
Harley is doing great with house and crate training!
Harley is learning to sit!
Harley loves his stuffed animals, tennis ball and Frisbee!
If the other dog takes one of Harley’s toys, he just finds another one!

Clearly, Harley is a fantastic pup! He responds to love and affection, which can lead to a lot of doggie hugging and petting! Harley deserves the best and is sure that you’re the best for him! Harley’s definitely got it going on, and you will too when he becomes a member of your family!