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Quinn was pulled from another shelter shortly after birth and has spent his short life being nurtured and getting ready for a loving home! Quinn is a handsome little guy! His mom is 32 lbs. and Quinn is expected to top out somewhere between 35 and 50 lbs. Quinn is genetically programmed to love you and bond with you, so all you need to do is add yourself into the mix for the best happy ending imaginable!

Quinn loves people and is warm and cuddly with overtones of love and loyalty!
Quinn is happy and playful and just about ready to learn how to do things!
Quinn likes other dogs yet will enjoy not having to share the spotlight!
Quinn really wants to meet you!

One of the greatest things about puppies is that their potential is unlimited! Quinn can learn as much as you teach him and give infinite love to his human family! Quinn is active and playful and would adore having children to play with! Meeting Quinn will be the first step toward adding a wonderfully new dimension to your life!