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Maddi was found with the weight of the world written on her face, wondering if having a loving relationship was possible. FFL saw this beautiful face and wanted to help her find her true loving family!

Gentle touch needed. Some just need a little coaxing to trust anything new, to understand that it’s all going to be okay. Maddi, is a sweet girl, but painfully shy. She can be choosy with who she opens up to but after allowing her to get to know you, she’ll let you know she’s ready for more. Having her own personal space for her to settle in will give her a sense of peace. Once she warms up, she likes receiving affection and gentle love. She’s a pretty chill gal and will lay around when at home but is happiest when on a long walk. New doggie friends are fun but she’s a bit intimidated by bigger or barky ones.

Just a good girl. Maddi has a lot of good things going for her. She is housetrained but if need be, she knows how to use a potty pad. Being home alone has been a dream when she’s in a gated area with her crate and the crate door is open. She’s generally good on a leash but likes to tease you a bit and pulls on her leash sometimes. Baths have been okay but she’s just a bit nervous on car rides!

Slow paced life. As mentioned before, Maddi needs a calm and quiet environment, a place to feel safe and at peace. She just wants a family to assure her that she is safe and loved.

Being a bit chill, Maddi doesn’t really require a yard but would love to have a family that can’t get enough walks! If you’re a pretty low-key household that enjoys peacefulness, Maddi is sure to fit right in!