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Prior to FFL pulling him from another shelter, Lazarus simply only knew how to survive on the streets. Despite his rough life, he’s genuinely gentle and caring and has loved being a house dog!

Diamond in the rough. Lazarus is quite a gentle, and loving dog. He’s into the quiet life and loves to be close to his people who give him attention, pets and cuddles; but if you’re busy, he’s happy enough to lie by your feet and play with his toys. He’s been good with sharing, is pretty laidback, and loves a quiet household. Since he’s used to the streets, he enjoys playing outside and going on walks but he really likes the comfort of indoor air conditioning! You’ll find him napping near a vent! Best of all, Lazarus sees a friend in all, dogs, cats, and people!

Impressed already? Just wait! Lazarus already has some commands down like “sit” and “down” and is already housetrained. He’s so good when home alone but he’s only been kept in a secured area with toys and chews. Walking on a leash has been a breeze. Being brushed and getting baths are things he is not used to at all but he puts up with it the best he can!

Scary cars. Even though Lazarus was used to the streets, he’s actually afraid of vehicles and will startle if he gets close to one while walking. Likewise, getting him into a car does require a little patience, due to his fear, but he calms quickly once inside!

A quiet, slow-paced home with a laidback, and comfortable family with plenty of A/C is sure to make Lazarus one happy dog to live out the rest of his life with! Can you offer all of the love this wonderfully gentle dog has to offer? Yes, you can!