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Nani is sweet and beautiful as well as affectionate and loving, all of which are important in your new best friend! Nani loves meeting new people, so you two will begin your relationship immediately. Nani is an active girl who loves playing and running. She will be an excellent jogging or running partner. Nani loves getting petted and loved on, both of which will earn you her forever love.

Nani likes people, meeting new people, getting petted and sharing affection!
Nani likes other dogs but needs a play partner that will match her energy.
Nani is doing great with house and crate training! She’s pretty good on a leash!
Nani has learned sit and is ready to learn much more.
Nani likes to run, play fetch and play with chew toys!

Nani likes to please her human family and learns quickly. Her affectionate nature makes it easy to love her and her athleticism makes it fun to include her in your outdoor activities! If you’ve got kids, Nani will love running and playing with them! Nani is the dog you’ll love today, tomorrow and the rest of your life!