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Flo was found wandering around a neighborhood by kind people who tried to find her home. No one claimed her after knocking on several doors, so she came to us to find her next chapter in life!

Love you more. Who can’t get enough of PDA? Flo is all about love! Well, and food… She’s one of the sweetest, and friendliest girls you’ll ever come across. People are her favorite beings to be around and you’ll find a very laidback lifestyle truly fits her! Flo is all about napping and eating! Her favorite spot is your lap but she requests your assistance in helping her onto the couch for an awesome snuggle session. Doggie friends don’t really interest her but she’s okay with meeting them as long as she doesn’t feel intimidated.

Laidback approach. Flo’s good living with humans as long as they understand her laidback, slow energy. She’s good home alone and housetrained. She’s good on walks on a leash but likes to take her time and may get intimidated by other dogs while outside. Her crate is her least favorite spot but after a little bribe, she’ll go in, make a little fuss, then settle down and be a good girl!

Doors and pillows. Flo gets really excited about getting outside and you may have to watch her because it’s the one time you’ll see her move fast - when there’s an open door! Flo also doesn’t really care much for toys, but she’s a pro napper!

Flo small size makes her so easy to fit any sized household. It’s best if it’s a low-key, laidback home that enjoys relaxation. Your Netflix binge partner is right here!