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Buster is a good-looking guy with a chill and relaxed personality! Buster won’t run you ragged, as he enjoys short walks and chewing a Nylabone in front of the TV! Buster doesn’t need a big yard yet would appreciate a space where he can sit or lie outside occasionally to smell the breeze and enjoy the sunshine! Buster is house and crate trained, but not crazy about the crate. Buster likes to get to know people as they hang out together.

Buster is happy as can be when he has a basket of toys to choose from!
Buster warms up to people slowly and then forms strong bonds with his human family!
Buster is crate and house trained and great on a leash!
Buster will sit at the door when he needs to go out.
Buster knows go potty, sit from both a hand signal or verbal cue, the down hand signal, let’s go, OK and is learning wait!
Buster is well-behaved indoors, likes to go on car rides and loves chew and stuffed toys!

Buster will be perfect for someone who loves the company of a good dog! Buster gives his love completely and will enjoy nothing more than being with you! Buster is an old school dog who knows how to be your dog! Meet Buster and discover your new love!