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Meatloaf is an all-American guy that likes everyone and knows that they’ll like him too! Meatloaf is sometimes shy at first before quickly warming up. Meatloaf is affectionate and loving and loves being close to you! Meatloaf has learned several commands and can learn more! Mostly though, Meatloaf lives for cuddles and being close to you!

Meatloaf likes people of all ages and loves sharing affection!
Meatloaf likes cats and has done well with his foster’s dogs.
Meatloaf knows sit, down and go to your house!
Meatloaf is crate trained.
He’s good on leash!
Meatloaf favorite activities are chasing balls and playing with bully sticks and tug of war

Meatloaf is a truly loveable dog that you can’t help but love! He always shows his feelings and desire to be near you! Meatloaf’s playful nature blends seamlessly with his cuddling, affectionate side, making him your ideal partner! Meet Meatloaf and you’ll find your amazing best friend!