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Cara and her 6 pups showed up at Friends For Life when they had no other place to go. Scared and worried about her babies, Cara was unsure about this new turn of events. But after some time and treats, Cara opened up and showed her loving personality under that mask of fear.

Cara is not only uniquely colored, but she also has an adorably short little tail and literally smiles when she is happy to see someone! She likes people, (especially people with treats) and will coexist with dogs as long as they respect her boundaries. Her walking skills are unparalleled ! If she gets nervous, she looks up for reassurance and rarely pulls – even when she sees dogs or people.

Cara knows how to sit, and is working on several other commands. She is very quick to pick up tricks and would love to train more with an owner that is willing to work with her. She also is a snuggle bug! So if you want someone to keep you warm at night, this one is your gal! All in all, she is a pretty amazing lady. Come meet her before someone else realizes this and snatches her up!