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While he may not look fluffy, Fluffy is pure marshmallow on the inside! Fluffy loves people and pets, going for walks and running in a field and playing with kids! Fluffy is always happy to see you! Fluffy always wants to be near you, leaning in for pets and scratches! Sadly, Fluffy’s previous life was being confined to a back yard and being fed, with no veterinary care and no love. A loving dog like Fluffy requires people to be with and give that bottomless love to—someone like you!
Fluffy loves everyone and is great with people of all ages!

Fluffy gets along with dogs?
Fluffy is a bit afraid of cats and stays far from them!
Fluffy is doing very well on leash.
Fluffy is responding to come and can learn more!
Fluffy’s favs include walks and exploring, getting pets, playing Frisbee and playing with his food bowl, which is favorite toy!

It’s clear that Fluffy didn’t enjoy a pampered life and spent his days longing for human interaction. Fluffy is amazingly well-adjusted in spite of his experiences. Fluffy is so calm and chill, rarely barks, doesn’t dig, isn’t a chewer, and simply goes with the flow. Fluffy shows a good amount of play energy and jumps when he gets excited, which he’s working on! Fluffy is well-behaved indoors and this is a new experience for him. Overall, Fluffy is a big, goofy guy that will live to love you!