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Imagine being homeless, very pregnant, ready to deliver, and have 3 BB pellets embedded in your skin from being used as a practice target. How is it possible that Grace still smiles?!

Such a sweetheart. You will find nothing more than love and laughs out of Grace. She’s one of the easiest dogs to be around because she simply loves every human she’s met so far, a super gentle girl that relishes in snuggles with the ones she loves, and oozes sweetness! She doesn’t need a ton of exercise to make her happy. Some rounds of fetch will keep her content before she’s ready to lounge on the couch with you.

So polite. Grace makes a great house dog as she respects the home by being housebroken and is great when home alone. She’s been kept in a secured area as opposed to a crate but her fosters have always come home to a clean room! She’s a good leash walker and doesn’t bat an eye at riding in cars or being brushed or bathed!

Got toys? Grace adores any type of dog toy, especially things that squeak. She tosses her toys up in the air and fetches them herself and pokes them with her nose to make them squeak.

Grace currently is being fostered at a house with a yard but she’s doesn’t require it as long as she gets lots of love and snuggles and some rounds of fetch. She would do well in nearly any family type. Who can say no to such a sweet, loving dog?! You can’t!