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Like his namesake, Drogo is a handsome, majestic guy who shows his sensitive side when he’s with his people. Despite his serious face, he can be downright silly! This dog loves the outdoors, chasing tennis balls and getting affection.

He is a smarty-pants who is already crate-trained and knows plenty of commands, including “sit,” “down,” “shake,” “spin,” and “speak.” He would love a home where he could get even more training to keep his mind sharp and get plenty of exercise.

Drogo likes a formal, polite introduction to new animals and is a bit reserved with strangers, but he is full of love and affection for his family. While Drogo doesn’t mind sharing his stuff with his humans, he is not fond of sharing with other dogs. He would not mind being an only dog.

This dog has a lot of love to give: he doesn’t need a perfect human ; he’ll love you just the way you are. If you have a life with a Drogo-shaped hole, fill out an application to meet him today.