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Tramp has been through a lot in his life, but his kind heart and gentle spirit have never faltered. He’s one of our special needs family members challenged with a missing right eye after a dog attack and an obstructive cataract in his left eye. Yet even with the vision obstacles he still enjoys exploring his environment & going on walks. Tramp is keen on making new friends, both human and canine! If you’re looking for a four-pawed soul to fill in a big place in your heart, look no further.
All who encounter him comment on how sweet and kind Tramp is, even to strangers. He is an extremely good natured dog, always eager to say hello and be nearby other pets and people alike. Tramp is fine left in a crate when he can’t be with you. But when he is with you he’s ready for any kind of activity! His leash manners are excellent and despite being blind, he’s excited to be exploring with you!

Looking for a lap dog and professional snuggle partner? Tramp is your guy! Always in the mood to get pets and pats, Tramp is the best cuddle buddy you could ask for!

When he isn’t cuddling up to you, Tramp is content being brushed, sunbathing, and snacking on as many treats as you’ll give him. All he needs is a patient, loving place to call home!