Baby Bear

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Everyone who has laid eyes on this cute monster has simply fallen in love. That adorable face and happy nature is irresistible.

Big bubbly baby! Fun times are always a guarantee with a cute puppy around and Baby Bear has a wonderfully sweet and loving nature! Like anyone young pup, he’s very playful and finds games of tug-of-war and fetching balls the best way to do it as well as to drop toys when commanded. Though young, Baby Bear can relax with a good chew toy on a soft rug for about 20 minutes. If you want to pet him while he is eating or drinking, he’ll happily accept!

Puppy Kindergarten Progressing! No doubt, being a young buck, there is so much to learn in the world! Baby Bear is learning and can impress you with what he already knows. He’s comfortable being in a crate and potty training is working well when he’s on a regular eating and drinking schedule. He sits at the door before going in or out and leash manners are also a work in progress but it’s hard to contain that puppy excitement!

Puppy Wonder Years. Baby Bear is still learning how to adult and will need a family with patience and dedication to training. He’s still at the puppy teething stage so having small children around may not be ideal. Loads of puppy playdates will ensure a calmer Baby Bear while home and hone his socialization skills. We’re working on him being comfortable at being turned over on his back but once you start rubbing his tummy, he relaxes and enjoys the good feels!

Baby Bear’s happy nature and ability to learn will no doubt make a wonderful adult dog in the near future. Yes, training will be important but in return, you’ll have a load of laughs and endless smiles at his complete adorable-ness and an amazing companion!