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Jim and his siblings were destined to come to Friends for Life before they were even born! After being rescued from an abusive home, Jim’s mother gave her rescuers a wonderful gift – eleven precious puppies!!

Shy, sensitive guys do exist! If you’re looking for a sweet, sensitive guy, Jim is the one for you! Once he gets to know you and trusts you, he’s very personable and enjoys a good cuddle session. Play time outdoors in that wonderful, luscious, grassy environment will guarantee an unmistakable puppy smile. When Jim is happy and enjoying himself, he may not want to go to bed because he loves being with you!

Puppy kindergarten champ. Jim is acing puppy training and will show off his house manner skills because he’s housetrained! Being home alone in a crate is pretty well but expect a messy dog bed when you return. Walks are fairly easy as he has good leash manners. He is a champ with taking a bath – a bit a squeeze cheese on the side of the tub does the trick! Overall, he’s quite cooperative and likes to please his humans and enjoys making you proud!

The scary things in life. Jim sometimes needs a reminder that he’s safe as he requires gentle introductions to unfamiliar people and dogs. He feels intimidated and is visibly unhappy when forced to meet someone new suddenly without building some trust. Small spaces and confinement do spark fear in Jim so you’ll see an unwillingness to get in a car or a crate at first. He needs you to help him see that its not so scary!

The best home Jim could ever dream of is a wonderful loving family that continues to teach him how to “adult” and reassure him when he’s feeling insecure. Lots of play and cuddle time will ensure a happy heart