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Betty is guaranteed to melt your heart with her sweet kisses and gorgeous puppy eyes! She’s happiest in your arms or in your lap – snuggling is her favorite activity!

Betty isn’t just a beauty, she’s got the brains too! She’s mastering puppyhood 101 lessons like - crate training, meeting new people nicely, potty training, and basic commands. Betty is quick to pick up on new things and loves to learn!

Betty is a bit cautious when it comes to making new human and canine friends. She likes to take her time getting to know someone. Once Betty is comfortable with you, she’s a one of kind friend! She’s ready to play and hang out all day! Betty can be shy around new dogs as well, but quickly wants to play with them. Betty is comfortable around her feline friends and knows to be respectful of their space.

Betty is more than just a pretty face – she’s your new best friend!