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Hilda is a sweet little thing with a spunky streak. She’s loves nothing more than having your undivided attention. Hugs and cuddles are totally her thing – in fact their her favorite thing!

Hilda is very smart and is quickly learning all the puppy basics - crate training, meeting new people nicely, potty training, and basic commands. She’s not afraid of hard work, as long as it brings a smile to your face!

Socially, Hilda is a little introverted. She needs to get to know new people and new dogs before she unleashes all of her sweetness. Once she’s sure of you, Hilda couldn’t be happier to play and sit with you all day. She’s timid around new dogs as well, but warms up quickly. Hilda has a few feline roommates right now and understands to respect their space. Don’t let Hilda be the one that got away!!