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Found abandoned with her mother and sisters, the kind stranger brought Zella and her family to FFL for a chance at a new life!

Earn trust, receive love. Though it’ll take a little time to earn Zella’s trust, you’ll eventually unlock a sweet, wonderful companion. If you enjoy a ton of PDA with your canine sweetheart, Zella is sure to deliver! Cuddles, massages, her leaning into you, and belly rubs are relished. Have some fun by providing long walks and trips to the dog park to expend her puppy energy. Indoor fetch is another good way to bond and at the end of the day, drink in the cute snore she gives in satisfaction of a well-spent day!

Brainy girl. One thing is very clear about Zella and that is the smarts this girl has and she’s very quick. She has an impressive command vocabulary that is too long to list here along with plenty of non-verbal cues. She also knows toys by name will ring a bell when she needs to go outside for potty! Commands are perfectly obeyed in the home but she may be a bit distracted outside. She’s been great while home alone, in or out of a crate. Her leash manners happens to be her hardest subject but stopping and restarting will bring her back to square one with calmness! Cars are fine as long as she’s not alone and she tolerates baths.

Take the time to get to know her. Zella is fearful of strangers and, sometimes, other dogs. She’s more comfortable in familiar settings but with patience and persistence, she’ll warm up to you!

An active, inclusive family with pets would be ideal for Zella. She does okay in an apartment but she will thrive in a house. Zella is such a sweet girl and the right family will be the most deserving of her!