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Despite a rough start, Casey only has love and kindness in her heart!

Lap dog at heart!
Casey may be bigger than your average lap dog, but she’d rather snuggle with you than be anywhere else! This lovingly, cuddly girl who’s motto is the more love and the closer I can get, the better!

Social Butterfly! Casey has never met a person she didn’t like – and she likes all ages and sizes! She’s great with adults, toddlers, older kids, you name it, Casey is excited to be their friend. She’s also very comfortable with a canine companion. Casey is a stickler for a proper introduction, but once that is out of the way, she loves having a dog friend to keep her company!

Easy, Breezy! Casey is very low-key and go with the flow. She’s quiet and well behaved on car rides, doesn’t mind baths and brushing, Happy to share her toys and food with her people, Casey is a very adaptable pup. She misses you a lot when you’re gone, but knows you’ll always come back!