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Good things come in small sizes! Little Beanie is a one of a kind pup! He’s got a big heart and loves nothing more than being held, cuddled, and snuggled up to you. Some dogs just like to be near to you, but Beanie LOVES it more than anything!

His crate is his home! Need to leave Beanie home alone? He’s a happy camper as long as he’s in his crate! This safe space makes him feel comfortable and Beanie will happily and quietly await your return!

Smart as a whip! Beanie is one smart pup! He’s already learned “sit,” “stay,” and “come” and is working on new commands to impress you! He’s working on better refining his leash manners, sometimes he just gets too excited on walks!

Socially sensitive! Beanie is a friendly puppy, but often needs to have proper introductions to feel comfortable. As long as he’s introduced correctly, Beanie can’t stop his tail from wagging when making new friends!