Sandy Lane

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Sandy Lane is a gorgeous girl with soulful eyes. She was rescued a while back by a senior gentleman after being found on the streets and is waiting to move on to the next step of her journey in her forever home!

Sandy Lane has a gentle nature! She is very loving and affectionate to her humans. She enjoys cuddling up on the couch for a nap with her favorite people and sharing her toys with her family and other dogs in the house.

Sandy Lane has a good foundation! She already knows how to come and sit when asked and listens when told not to do something. Sandy is relaxed in her crate and does well when left home alone. She is a perceptive pup who knows the basics and would benefit from more training and enrichment!

Sandy Lane takes her time! Sandy Lane prefers to take her time to warm up to new situations. She likes new people once she gets to know them and is happy to seek affection from them once she gets comfortable. Though she has been living with other dogs, she can be a bit shy around new dogs and prefers slower introductions at her pace. Sandy Lane would thrive in a home willing to be patient with her as she builds confidence and acclimates to her new life.