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Looking for a wingman? Look no further – Huck is your pup! Huck and his 10 brothers and sisters were lucky enough to find Friends for Life before they were even born! After a tough time, their mother found the perfect home to have her puppies in - and that home brought them to FFL!

Huck has a way with the ladies! He knows how to melt hearts with a single tail wag. Want a night in on the couch? Huck is there. Want to go on an adventure? Huck is on board. Whatever you need in a companion, Huck is your guy!

Huck knows every gentleman needs the best manners, so he is quickly learning what all puppies need to know. Potty training, leash manners, basic commands, and how to melt a heart with puppy eyes are Huck’s focus right now.

Huck is ready to be your sidekick