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Little but mighty! Leo may be small in size, but he is big in personality! This little guy is happiest when you are happy, and wants nothing more then to be with you. So any adventure you can think of, Leo is on board...as long as you’re going too!

Widening his social circle! Leo is happy to meet and play with new dogs – he loves new friends! Sometimes he gets a little over eager, but a small reminder to mind his manners is all he needs from his new friend. He’s also open to new human friends, but you’ll always be his favorite!

Straight A Student! Leo is a master of sit – with verbal and nonverbal cues! He’s a smart pup who learns quickly and likes to expand his knowledge. Leash training is new for Leo, but he’s making strides!

Leo is a bundle of love and happiness! All he wants to do is share!