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This lucky little lady was pulled from another shelter and brought to Friends for Life so she could have a chance at finding her forever home. Lola is a joyful, spirited pup who is excited to meet you. Come see her today!

Lola is loveable! She is a total sweetheart who gets along with just about everyone. She is great with new people and children though she prefers slower introductions with men. She is a small bundle of unconditional love who lives for snuggles and kisses! Lola likes to curl up in the laps of her favorite people during the day and cuddle up as close as she can at night. Lola also adores other dogs of all sizes and plays well with them.

Lola is laid-back! She is an easy-going pup who fits into just about any lifestyle. As a puppy, she is prone to spurts of energy and loves to indulge in some peppy puppy playtime! She enjoys short and long walks, playing with her teething toys, and fetching the ball. Once she tires herself out, she is content to relax and spend quality time with her family. She is a perfect pup for almost any living situation and would be equally happy in an apartment or a home with a yard as long as she has outdoor time and outlets for her energy.

Lola is learning! She is a smart girl who is eager to please. She does best with short training sessions and has made strides with her puppy basics. So far, she has almost mastered housetraining, she is good on the leash, and she knows how to sit and come when asked. She can be left alone at home reliably for a few hours at a time. Lola would thrive in a home that is ready to continue working with her on her puppy manners as she grows up.