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With an unmistakable beauty, it’s hard to resist those eyes! Once you get to know her, you’ll find that she’s more than just her good looks!

Easy-going girl. Sweetness just oozes from Bree. She’s very welcoming and everyone is a potential friend. She’ll soak up all the pets and cuddles you’re willing to offer and will offer up that million dollar smile! Bree can be laisse-faire towards life but does have moments of higher energy, especially when she sees you after you’ve been gone for some time. She’s also happy to expend her energy gnawing on those yummy antler chews!

A girl who loves food. Food is the crown jewel in Bree’s eyes and training has been easy because of it. She’ll do anything you want and is very eager to please, but is just as easily distracted. Bring back her focus with a tasty morsel! As for other things, she’s been good with baths and being home alone has been a breeze. Her leash manners still need improving but her fosters are more focused on keeping her energy level down until she is healthier!

Comfort needed. Are you familiar with those massive storms Houston gets? Bree is petrified and needs to feel safe. Wearing a Thunder Shirt has helped but the comfort of having you makes it better. Reflections and shadows do startle and scare her and she’ll bark at them, even if they’re her own. It’s also best to keep cats away from Bree. She can’t help but go after them!

Bree is super sweet, loving, and relaxed and longs for a home with lots of love and comfort. The person(s) who gets to have Bree is their life will be lucky, indeed!