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Happy heart! Coco is meant to be at Friends For Life! Rescued from another shelter, it’s clear his past wasn’t an easy one. He’s full of love and joy! Coco’s heart is huge and he wants nothing more than to be by his human’s side. He loves to socialize with other dogs, and warms up quickly to female human friends. He’s a little more cautious when meeting men, but he warms up quickly once he knows they’re a friend.

Excellent manners! Little Coco knows how to be a gentleman! He has wonderful leash manners and knows not to pull. He’s quiet and calm when at home with you and car rides are not a problem. Thunder and fireworks don’t phase Coco at all. However, be careful leaving the door open, he can’t help the urge to go out exploring!

Coco’s heart is opening wider, and there is so much love in there to give!