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When you open your front door, Rocket will greet you with a wagging tail that literally shakes his little rear! Rocket is a chill, low-maintenance dog who is house trained and great indoors. He usually lays around chewing on his bone while you’re out. Rocket is crate trained, but so good that you’ll be comfortable with him uncrated if you leave the house. Rocket loves people and is eager to meet other dogs and knows several commands! Rocket is waiting to meet you and show his stuff.

* Rocket loves people, is affectionate, preferring to lie at your feet or on your lap, with the occasional rollovers for a belly rub!
* Rocket likes going for walks and may sometimes pull on the leash when he sees dogs he’d like to meet.
* Rocket knows sit, stay, shake, comes when called, and can sit with his paws in the air if you say “up!” He loves treats for tricks.
* Rocket is great with baths and car rides.
* Rocket’s fav things are going for walks, chewing on his rawhide bone and getting belly rubs.

Rocket is such a chill guy that he’d be happy with anyone! He loves people and dogs, and probably likes kids! Rocket tries to chase cats, but not with aggression, so an indoor situation with a dog-friendly cat might work. Rocket’s goal in life is to love and be loved, which is wonderful for you! Rocket’s friendly nature make him a good fit for you, so please come by and meet him!